Awana Grand Prix
Saturday April 6 @ 10 am

Get ready to start your engines, it’s official, the Awana Grand Prix is coming to First Baptist Church!
The Awana Grand Prix is an event in which clubbers can purchase a car kit (block of wood with wheels) and race against other clubbers and leaders in our Awana club. Clubbers will take the block of wood home and with some help cut it into a shape that can resemble a race car or anything you can imagine. We race them on a gravity fed track with a computer controlled timer. Search “Awana Grand Prix” on YouTube or Google “Pinewood Derby” to see what it is all about. Racing cars should not exceed 5 oz in weight but adding weight can be tricky. You can let our pit crew add the weight for you by drilling the bottom to add lead.

March 19th & 26th – no Awana due to Spring Break

April 2 - Awana Night 26 *Special* "Crazy Hair Night"

Saturday, April 6 @ 10 am - Awana Grand Prix

April 9 - Awana Night 27 *Special* "Thank You Night"

April 16 - Awana Night 28 "Attendance & S.S. Awards" Special "Grad. Night"


Our Awana club meets weekly on Tuesday evenings from 6:15 to 8:00 p.m. Our Awana Clubs are part of thousands of Awana Clubs in churches around the world. While your child is not required to attend the functions of our church, all of our church services and programs are available to your family.

An Awana Club meeting consists of three parts: games, achievements, and a Bible story time. More than 40 trained people are involved in our clubs and programs.

Each child will have a team color (red, yellow, green or blue). Points are awarded each week toward your child’s specific color team for passing sections in their handbooks, bringing a Bible, wearing their uniform, bringing a friend, and attending Club and Church/Sunday School. At the end of each Club night all team members of the winning color receive one Awana Share.

Awana shares are primarily awarded to each child that completes sections in their workbooks. The shares are used to purchase items from the Awana store and used at the Fairmont Fair. Awana stores night happens on a monthly basis and the Fairmont Fair is a fun day near the end of the Club year.    

The Awana program tends to be very structured which helps in keeping kids interested in Club. To keep things flowing during Club and ensure the safety of your children we will instill some simple but important standards and policies. 

If you would like to know more about the Awana program please visit or

Because Kids matter to God!