Worship Team Application Form

Together with you, we want to prayerfully consider your role as a part of our worship ministry.

Here are 4 important things we are looking for in our worship team members:

1.  A heart for God
2. A heart for the Church
3. A team player
4. Musical ability (note: this is important but last on the list)

Documents you'll be required to read for your application:
Church Covenant (opens in a new window)
Statement of Faith (opens in a new window)

Time and Commitment

We recommend that individuals attend FBC regularly for at least 1 year prior to joining the worship teams. Once approved by leadership team, your involvement would likely be 1-3 times per month.  Each week you are “on” involves a Thursday night rehearsal from approximately 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm. Times may vary slightly from week to week.  Sunday morning rehearsals begin at 7:45 am with everyone helping out with set-up (we’ll teach you how). We finish at approximately 12:15 pm at the completion of the 2nd service. We have a coffee break in between. The worship team is responsible for both morning services.
You are expected to regularly attend FBC as your home church.

To help in this process we would appreciate you taking the time to write down your thoughts on the following questions. 
Relax: there are no right and wrong answers. We just want to encourage you to think about these things and to help us know where you are coming from.

Name *
Phone *
Are you a member of FBC? *
If you're not a member, do you agree with the Church Covenant and Statement of Faith? (links at top of the page)
Are you a part of a fellowship / prayer / bible study group? *
Your musical history
Vocals & Instruments
How would you describe your range?
Only complete if you're applying as a vocalist.
Can you transpose music from notation, chord charts, or by ear?
Only complete if you're applying as an instrumentalist.
Are you comfortable playing from chord charts?
Only complete if you're applying as an instrumentalist.
Do you read music notation (sheet music)? *
Do you NEED music notation (i.e. Can you sing / play by ear)? *
I am applying for a position on (check all that apply):
Only complete if you're applying as a technician.
Do you have experience in the position you're applying for?
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Only complete if you're applying as a technician.
Musical Preferences
I agree with, and will abide by the "Statement of Faith" and the "Church Covenant" (outlined in the links at the top of this page), and agree to attend FBC regularly. Submitting this form will act as your digital signature to this application. *