Young Adults

A Community

We’re a community of young adults who are actively pursuing a relationship with Jesus by living out God’s purpose for our lives. Whether you’re in university or the work force, our young adult community offers the opportunity to meet new friends and deepen relationships. Our bible study programs are designed with the intent to help you connect to a healthy small group community where you can grow with each other, support one another, and share life together.

A Place to Belong

We are all in this together. No matter our history, circumstances or goals, we’re all people who need love, community and acceptance. We’ve found all three through Jesus and want to help others find the same thing. That is why the church exists and why YOU BELONG.

We love people

We make it a priority to make you feel welcome, comfortable and loved. We want you to get connected.

We’re real

From the message, to the music, to the community, we have a genuine passion for Jesus, life and family.

Jesus Changes Everything

The Gospel touches every heart, in every circumstance, in every place.

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